Come On That Underwear Model!

By | December 18, 2010

Kara Tointon?It’s the final tonight!. What of? Cry out all our non-UK readers. The final of Strictly Come Dancing that’s what. In the rest of the world it’s called “Dancing With The Stars”, but in the UK the BBC combined the name of an old and long-running dancing competition “Come Dancing” with the tremendously amusing Australian film “Strictly Ballroom” and came up with a format that has been a huge success.

Well, we’re pinning our colours to the mast and saying that although we Love Matt and Aliona we are rooting for Kara Tointon and Artem to win. They are technically brilliant and very nice to watch for all sorts of reasons. If you’re not familiar with Kara that’s a picture of her doing a little underwear modelling. As you can see she’s very well equipped for it.

My parents want Kara and Artem to win too. And my mother’s eye for a good looking younger man was proven again today when she and Suze started to get very excited talking about Artem! LOL Good job my father doesn’t mind her window shopping.  Hehehe.