Hot Blow Job

By | December 19, 2010

The street was still wet from the early evening drizzle. Taxi tyres maintained a steady supply of street music to accompany the hubbub of voices on the pavement opposite. He was waiting for her by the park entrance as agreed. His coat collar turned up against the wind with teeth of ice. Thankful of the woollen scarf around his neck he hunched his shoulders and contemplated the possibility he had been stood up.

He reached into his pocket for his packet of Pall Mall. A hand came to rest on his arm. “Sorry I’m late” she said in that rich syrupy voice that always made his heart race.

He leant forward and planted a kiss firmly on her cheek next to the red painted lips that he felt the urge to smudge. “Let’s go.”

They dodged the traffic on the street and disappeared into the basement bar, submerging themselves in the smoke and jazz.

When he returned to the booth with drinks she had her purse open and was concentrating intently on a cigarette paper hidden behind it.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

She looked up, green eyes turning more cat-like than usual. “You’ve never seen anyone roll a joint before?”

“What? Yes of course I have, I just never thought I’d see you roll one. Where did you by the marijuana?”

“Oh, I know someone, who knows someone.”

A minute later, job complete she offered him the roll-up. He pulled out a box of Swan Vestas and lit the end of the joint, flicking the ashes of the paper twist onto the floor. He took a short drag then a deep breath drawing the smoke into his lungs.

He offered her the joint while he held his breath as long as he could before letting the remains of the smoke slowly escape.

She on the other hand drew a long, slow breath, inhaling some of the heavy white smoke but letting most of it escape lazily from her mouth, relishing the taste.

The roll-up passed between them until its red hot butt burnt their fingers and the smooth jazz washed over them. He closed his eyes and for a moment felt as if he was sinking into a pillow made of music.

He became aware of his trousers being loosened. Looking down he saw her between his legs, red-painted lips parted slightly, expectant. His cock appeared from within his trousers and despite the enclosing booth, low lighting and drug-induced haze he almost told her to stop. Almost.

Her cherry lips took his cock and kissed its rapidly growing form. She slid his foreskin back to expose his glans. A few stroked of her hand and licks from her darting tongue bringing him to attention.

She rubbed her tongue across his frenulum sending shivers through his crotch and across his body. She sucked him into her mouth, all of him, inch by inch, tongue never still against his veined shaft. He braced himself with his hands against the mock-leather upholstery squirming, resisting the urge to buck and choke her.

He felt his balls squeezed slightly and gasped. Her hair caressed his stomach, teasing him. She raised her head and began to bob up and down on his cock. He could see it glistening in the light from the table candle, wet with her saliva and soon with his precum too.

She looked up, releasing him from her mouth, smiling while wanking his cock firmly in her fist. She watched his face, first relaxed and appreciative of the unexpected advances, then pensive and expectant as her firm strokes increased in pace.

His breath became short, he was almost there. She leant forward again and enveloped his cock in the warm cavern of her mouth, waiting for the eruption from the pulsing member. He tensed and she braced herself. The semen shot from him thick, salty and hot. She was aware he was stifling his groans and enjoyed the thought of him giving them away to the other customers.

His loins exhausted the flow of cum ceased. She slid back onto the seat beside him, liking her lips more for effect than practicality, she had already swallowed. She washed the remains of his issue from her mouth with a few sips of her martini and said “I’d better fix my lipstick.”

“Wow.” He said. “You’re full of surprises tonight.”

“I just know what I like, and I’m also fond of having something hot in my mouth.”