Furry Hairy Fetish Fun

By | December 20, 2010

I’m finding it hard to type this in as I try to bring you this post.  Lol  Most people are already aware of the “furry” movement, for those who love to dress up as animals in costumes.  Don’t ask me why they do it or the attraction, I have no idea.

But whatever floats your boat.  However I do have concerns about anyone who would want to go to bed looking like a bunny.  Now I think you may have crossed some line or other.  Or is that not being sex positive…slaps hand.

I can imagine you getting hot and sticky in there … good thing, bad thing. You decide and having to explain yourself if you have to evacuate the house could be interesting.  But then that’s me, far too practical.

I’m not too sure and the idea quite frankly gives me furballs.  🙂

Should you be interested in becoming a furry you should go here.