Class A From Oral B

By | December 20, 2010

I Don’t Use My Toothbrush For Cleaning My Teeth Any More! 😉

I have had an Oral B electric toothbrush for the past six years or so. It does the job and helps keep on top of the plaque. But more recently it has developed a second role in the household.

It has become a sex toy.

Don’t laugh it has. A couple of years ago now, I was at an adult show in Birmingham and discovered the Tingle Tip stand. It wasn’t like the other toy stands. I couldn’t see row after row of battery operated instruments of pleasure.

No, this stand had a large bowl with small packets in it. Behind the stand were a husband and wife team who together had created one of the smallest, discreet and very effective clitoral vibrators.

By simply slipping a small plastic head on to your electric toothbrush you had created the most wonderful toy. I have been a big fan since that day and use mine regularly. The only downside if you can call it that is sometimes your pussy ends up smelling all minty fresh from the residual toothpaste which collects around the drive head. Lol

Recently Alex and I invested in a sonic toothbrush so the old one became rather redundant. Not any more, it now has a new lease of life. 😉 I wonder if anyone will ever ask why we have two types of brushing technology in the bathroom.

Now, there is a point I wonder if it would fit my new one…