Do You Like Big Boobs?

By | April 26, 2008

It’s increasingly difficult to separate online life and real life at the moment. I know we’ve talked about it before but lately I’m at the point where I couldn’t give a stuff if I merge the two.

Suze on the other hand is less than enthusiastic about that idea. She’s right of course, we both have responsibilities and families and friends. Any of those pose a problem when it comes to “coming out” about It’s quite weird actually, it’s the banal things that cause the acutest embarrassment, the little slips. If you’re an adult blogger you’ll know what I mean. Someone will ask if you’ve heard a certain term or ever seen a certain type of website and you’ll answer “yes of course”.

The big stuff you can often laugh-off. It’s a common practice in my office for example to pick up on any double entendre and tack on “dot com” because let’s face it, if it has a sexual connotation there probably is a dot-com to cover it. I find it’s at that point in the conversation I look at my most guilty because I’ve probably viewed that very site at some point in my online life.

I find that circumstance even more embarrassing than today, standing in the sex shop with Suze asking me questions about who manufactures such-and-such a sex toy, and me knowing the answer as we search for interesting items for our up-coming reviews. Honestly, I think they’ve noticed we aren’t buying toys at the sex toys emporiums in our area any more and just using them for hand’s-on research with a view to our next review. I suppose I’m comfortable with it because of the number of conversations I have with Suze, suppliers and others within the adult industry about toys, DVDs and wot not.

I think the most amusing time was when the conversation in the office turned to porn stars. The lads in the office (it’s an all-male office) all expressed a preference for a natural breast. One of them expressed the opinion that he hated seeing porn stars with increasingly larger breasts, something that only a decade ago was unusual. I commented that I felt porn stars were under pressure to stand out and the big-boob route was an easy and obvious way to do this.

Then came the question.

“OK, Alex when did you last speak to a porn star?”

Having spoken to two porn stars the previous week I had two options …