First Anal – Part 3

By | December 22, 2010

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It was early evening. Anne and Paul had slipped into bed to ward off the winter chill with some shared bodily warmth. Anne turned on her side so Paul could spoon behind her.  His hand reached around and naturally came to rest on her breast. He gently cupped her nipples, delicately massaging it and occasionally squeezing the nipple. She pressed her ass back into him, rubbing on his turgid cock until it started to harden into the rigid instrument of pleasure that she so enjoyed.

When he was fully erect he adjusted himself so his erection lay between the cleft of her buttocks, rubbing himself there and smearing precum into the small of her back. Despite his oozing wetness the friction threatened to make the sensitive skin of his frenulum sore so he pushed Anne gently onto her front and slipped between her legs in readiness to enter her moist pussy. She opened  her legs spreading herself for him waiting for the familiar feeling of his plump head to part her lips, but because she was flat on the bed his cock was too high and pressed firmly against her asshole. She gasped and he realised his mistake.

“You’ll need some lube for that.” She said.

He laughed.

“No, you’ll need some lube …” she repeated

“You want me to …”

“Yes. Please. Gently”

She lifted herself from the mattress pointing her ass at Paul. He fumbled around in the bedside drawer, pulling out the bottle of lube. He dripped the clear fluid onto the cleft between her ripe buttocks just above her tight hole and watched it run down onto her puckered ring. He rubbed his cock in the crease and dripped more onto it until they were both glistening. He drew back and placed the head of his cock at her opening and paused for a moment before pressing gently against her anus. He felt her begin to open and the head of his cock part her muscular entrance. She moaned at the sensation feeling for the first time the fullness of his cock inside her ass.

Paul found he could go no further so pulled out and dripped even more lube into her opening before trying again. The same thing happened but this time he persisted, pressing firmly against the resistance and finding that after a few seconds she relaxed and his cock began to move into her.

The feeling of her ass around him was a complete revelation. She was tighter than he had expected, though smoother and coupled with the unfamiliar angle that entry to her ass required, the experience was quite unlike anal sex. He moved slowly, in and out withdrawing until he was almost completely outside her and applying lube several more times before he was confident enough to push himself fully inside her.

She encouraged him to push himself deeper into her when he hesitated for fear of hurting her and five minutes later he was deep within her with his balls resting against her pussy. The utter sinfulness of breaking the last taboo with her was exciting him beyond description, just a few gentle strokes stood between him and orgasm. Anne played with her clit with one hand, groaning louder and louder with each of his careful strokes.

He heard the timbre of her voice change and knew she was cumming. When she did her ass clenched around his cock making his orgasm inevitable. Two more strokes and with a slowness and intensity as never before he came, pumping his semen into her ass and signalling his own orgasm with a low growl.

Paul slowly pulled his tender softening cock from Anne’s ass, watching her puckered hole slowly close. They rolled over and held each other.

“How do you feel?” she asked.

“Lucky, priviledged.” He smilled. “And you?”

“Like I’ve been fucked up the ass with a huge cock.” She giggled. “And very very horny.”