Suze Is Officially Classed As Smut

By | April 26, 2008

Smutalot.comAs you will be aware, as of yesterday I reregistered at 25Peeps with a new image when they reset. And asked for you guys to go over and show me some love. AND YOU DID! I got up in to first place quite rapidly yesterday after all your support. Kisses to you all.

When I left the house this morning my image was still at number one over there. However when I got back I had received an email from the site informing me and some of the others on there that we had to be relocated because of complaints of the “increased nakedness” causing discomfort. Oh well, you can’t please everyone can you…especially if you aren’t high up. Lol

No, but seriously they have now set up another site for the more risqué images to be submitted to called I for one am very happy at being classed as smut. 😉 And if it’s smut you want, you have come to the right place because I have it in great handfuls. 🙂

So, go over and show me and the other naughty people some support by clicking here.

And remember to come back when you have done with the letching.