It’s That Time Of The Month Again

By | September 10, 2006

PackageIt’s been a month and this one was a few days later than expected.  Not that!  My Special Delivery from one of our toy review partners.
Hand delivered to my very own door by…The Rammer.  About 09:30 yesterday morning, I’m in the bathroom and I heard a short sharp tap, tap on the door.  I finished my ablutions, wiped and ran down stairs.  You are observant aren’t you!  Yes, I did pull up my panties first….Oh, you meant, “what about washing your hands”.  😀
All I can say is when the Rammer delivers to your door you don’t want to keep him waiting.  LOL.  So I ran down to collect my package and wash my hands after.
I opened the door and he was nowhere in sight.  He had left the parcel sitting in the middle of the doorstep for anyone passing to pick up and take home.  He’s such a dickhead.  At this point I will point out that not all employees of Parcel Force are like this.  Some actually manage to post your mail through without the need to fold it thereby breaking it in to tiny pieces first!  Other employees are courteous too.  Did you hear that Rammer?
Just as I’m closing the door little nephew totters up and asks “ball?”, at the moment everything with him is “ball”.  How I would love to spend an afternoon in his amazing world.  Anyway, since I took delivery of our new toy all I have been able to do is stare at the packaging.
We have nephew staying with us until later today, so we will just have to wait to try it out.  I must admit I can’t wait to tear open the packaging.  As much as we enjoy having nephew stay over, we love trying new toys out.  😉  It will just have to sit there waiting to be used for a little while longer.
Little nephew has been with us since Friday evening so things in the AlexSuze household have been a little tame…but as soon as he has gone home.  I will be able to catch up with fellow bloggers and more importantly, we may have some time and energy to devote to what we do best.  🙂  Fucking like rabbits and telling you all about it.