I Wanna Fuck Pornstar Style

By | April 27, 2008

Julian RiosI have just finished watching a great porn DVD, it’s a little more unusual than the norm. It is called Erotic Stories by Archel if you want to look it up. There are several storylines with a thread running through the whole DVD to bring it all together. The girl who introduces the stories is quite cute too.

We have watched it story by story over the past couple of weeks and finally watched the last scene this evening. And it was worth waiting for. The guy in it is called Julian Rios and the picture at the top of the post is him. He has to be the best looking pornstar I have found yet.

Trying to find pictures of his on Google is almost impossible, I guess you have to join his website to get them. 🙁 And you have to be careful not to confuse him with the Spanish writer of the same name who looks nothing like him.

Julian certainly hit the spot, by the time the DVD had finished the girl off I was ready to get down and dirty too. Alex must have appreciated the girl in the story because he was as hard as rock as the titles rolled up screen.

I must admit that since seeing this guy I have found myself captivated and wanting to know more about him. It’s a long time since a male pornstar did that to me, I’ve had similar feeling about the girls including Simony but this is the first guy in a while who has got me hot and bothered.

Problem is I believe he is married to Lanny Barbie…but that’s not a problem is it? I could be persuaded to do a threesome, she’s quite a looker. 😉

 Oh, don’t forget my latest video, you can see it here.

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