How To Make Sexy Friends And Piss Off Your Partner

By | December 23, 2010

Over past few months I have posted several times about social networking and that the sites are full of sleazy guys who want to meet up for sex.  I’ve had several propositions and many cock images sent to me as if I’ve never seen one before.

I also have a guy who sends me emails most days whilst he is wanking, wanting to talk dirty to me.  Dread to think what state his keyboard is in.  lol

Some of these sites may look innocent on the outside but behind the scenes they are raunchier than Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison put together.  If I was up for anything from a quick car park shag to a full on threesome I could find it there.

It’s hardly surprising that there is going to be fallout from this kind of thing and I just read a piece in the paper about a fifth of the divorces going through the courts are as a direct result of social networking turning to nookie networking.

You can read the full story here.