Breast Stroke

By | April 27, 2008

Ever since Horny and Busty visited the gym I have been considering starting up at our’s again and go swimming again at the local pool. We haven’t been swimming for about 10 years or perhaps more.

Alex and I woke early yesterday morning and spooned together and the next thing I know he is pulling me on to his cock. I couldn’t resist and before long we were both getting in to the swing of things and I came several times before he shot his load in to me.

We got cleaned up and went shopping for swimwear. Our previous swimming attire was out of fashion as we haven’t been on holiday to anywhere we could wear it either. I decided to look for something sensible but low cut, after all I’m not going to hide two of my best assets am I. Lol

I grabbed several styles and colours of swimsuit from the rails and made my way off to the changing rooms. It’s a shame that you can’t take your partner in with you to get their opinion but I can imagine the kinds of kinky goings on that would take place if that were allowed. 😉

As I took of my jeans to try on the swimsuit I couldn’t help but notice that the crotch was slightly damp. I felt between my legs and the crotch of my panties was sodden. How is that guys are only supposed to come about 5ml of come, the equivalent of a teaspoon but it wets your pants through? That will always be a mystery to me.

Swimwear now comes with a thick strip of tape in the gusset so I wasn’t unduely worried. Did they have a problem with girls with come oozing from them trying on swimwear in the past? Who knows but it is a good thing they apply the tape to the gussets.

I decided on the black swimsuit with low cut neckline and back with halter neck. It looked plain, classy and made me look hot showing the line of my cleavage nicely without looking tacky.

Impatient as ever I decided to go swimming in it in the afternoon and managed to find a pool with general swimming for us to attend. It felt really strange undressing in a public changing room but there weren’t many people in there. Most of them were elderly unfortunately, no eye candy. 🙁

I made my way to the pool after securing my clothes and possessions in a locker. It’s strange how you get out of practice at things like undressing on wet changing room floors, it brought back memories and routines I once had.

When I got through to the pool Alex was already swimming away, guys are always in there first. I walked along the edge of the pool feeling a little self-conscious and slipped down in to the warm water.

I swam down towards the shallow end and then turned and went back towards the deep end. On my way back I had to stop to let some teenage boys dive for their locker keys. I worked my way round them and continued on my way. At the end I briefly met up with Alex before setting out on another lap. It was hard work I didn’t realise just how unfit we had become.

Again on my return I bumped in to the boys. They were swimming around under the water and it came to my attention that they were doing rather a lot of diving around the area I was in. 😉 It became obvious that they were checking me out under the water and reminded me that I used to do the same when I was younger.

I would dive under the water and check out guys packets and girls cleavage, remember I have double the fun being bi. 😉 You have to be very careful but it is easy to get some wonderful voyeuristic moments in the chlorinated underworld. 😉

Dare I say it but I gave them plenty of opportunity to ogle my cleavage. Is that bad? Suze is so bad…

For more of Suze being bad, see this video.