Gusset Typing Zara

By | December 23, 2010

Zara PhillipsI have to concede my mind has gone filthy beyond redemption…

…earlier this evening I was happy to see that Zara Phillips has become engaged to her boyfriend of 5 years, rugby player Mike Tindall.  How refreshing was it to see their naturally posed pictures on the front page of the press today as they posed for togs on their front garden in the snow.

They both looked so relaxed and obviously elated., another feel good story to end the year.  But what really caught my eye were the pictures of the ring.  Not the ring itself but Zara’s finger nails.

It was notable that they were so short and un-manicured, unlike Kate’s French polished nails in the pictures with Prince William.  And what were my first thoughts.  “She’s a practical girl, keeps them short so she can pleasure herself”.

Alex laughed and pointed out that being an equestrian it’s practical.

…kill joy.  lol