Bend Me Fuck Me Any Way You Want Me ;)

By | December 23, 2010

BoobsAs I mentioned the other day I’m a big fan of rabbit vibrators, especially the ones you don’t need to use a hand mirror to be able to operate.  Lol  The controls can sometimes be way too complicated but along with the complication comes the functionality previously unseen from manufacturers.

That is until now.  As I alluded to the other day rabbit vibrtorss can possess all manner of stimulatory quirks to satisfy our ever expanding need for hedonistic pleasures.

So what could be better than a rabbit with a g-spot tip and anal teaser and a bendable shaft.  Yes you can also acquire rabbits with flexible spines which enable you to bend them “to fit”.

I reviewed a rather fine example of this a while ago and it now sits in my bedside drawer, you could have one too if you read my review.