Old Fuck Buddies

By | April 28, 2008

Do you remember that I was talking to you the other day regarding following up old friends and it not turning out quite the way you expected. Busty has only gone and got in touch with one of her old boyfriends, Eric.

She contacted him via Friends Reunited and got chatting to him over the past week that I have been off and she has been sent texts, emails with pics of his toned upper body and now he is calling her.

Now this all sounds good, she has no boyfriend at present just a couple of guys sniffing round but nothing serious. BUT! There is a serious drawback to this…the guy is now married. And not just married but with kids too.

Of course his wife doesn’t know anything about him contacting Busty but I believe she knows the girl he married. It hasn’t deterred her any, she is intending to meet up with in a few weeks when he comes up on business. And she has been flirting like crazy with him during office hours and telling Horny and me exactly what he has been saying to her.

At this point I’m sure you are all wondering, just like me, why she needs to follow up this old flame. I can understand her curiosity not having seen him for the last 15 years since they split in a less than amicable fashion, however she does seem to be getting as excited as a girl on a first date and as you know he is spoken for.

Not just that, the guy was apparently a bully when she went out with him. The reason they eventually split is because she summoned up the strength to tell him that it wasn’t working.

So why, oh why, does she want to see him again? From what she has said about his calls and conversations with her he still has the same controlling attitude. And she admitted that she is slipping back in to feeling the same ways she did back then, controlled, weak and apologetic.

At this point I have to ask, why do women put themselves knowingly in situations like this. In her heart of hearts she must know that any relationship they may have is doomed from the start. He hasn’t changed and she has moved on, or at least I thought she had.

I confess I’m feeling very protective towards her at the moment and no it’s not just because I would like to get in her pants. Lol

All though I wouldn’t say no.

I’ll keep you posted on events I’m sure there are going to be some.

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