Wet Gussets And Cum Stained Trousers

By | December 25, 2010

How long is it since you had sex with your clothes on? In some ways the frequency of clothed sex can be a barometer of the stage of your relationship. This is partly due to your habitation status and partly down to the amount of time you spend building up to sex.

Before you live together you tend to have sex when and where you can and even if this doesn’t happen to be outdoor sex you may simple loosen your clothing enough to get down to it. The location in which you have sex may also dictate that staying clothed is more practical, if it’s cold or you risk being discovered.

If you cohabit you take more time to make love and therefore und up naked more often. Of course the exception to this is if you keep your clothes on for a reason – role play or just clothing that you like to see each other in. All good stuff. Clothed sex in the shower is good too, just choose your garments carefully.

Even keeping your underwear on during sex can be fun. I love pulling aside the gusset of a pair of panties to gain access to a hot pussy.