Fucking Into Oblivion

By | April 29, 2008

Last night was great fun. We tested one of our newly arrived toys together, then spent a little time on each other and finally made love again, just the two of us.

Sex earlier in the evening had been great, the toy we used being particularly effective and quite a revelation for a simple device. Sometimes there’s nothing quite so nice as a loving screw. Loving doesn’t mean it wasn’t passionate, just not wild monkey sex. We started in the missionary position. That doesn’t sound very adventurous for us does it. But when you consider we’ve not really had sex in that position for years until about a month ago it’s unusual for us.

Missionary is like coming home. We’ve been through all the positions we’re physically able to get into, exploring as every possibility we can think of and ignoring the conventional. When you do that the conventional itself becomes exotic to you.

Anyway, from missionary Suze rolled onto her side. I knelt across her leg and slid deep inside her, making her gasp with my deepest strokes and moan with the rest. I could have carried on for hours, because despite being a very tiring day for all sorts of reason I was very turned on. When that happens the fatigue just falls away, at least until the ultimate climax.

Finally, Suze rolled onto her stomach and raised her ass towards me. We fucked doggy, Suze cumming twice and my orgasm arriving slowly and intensely, rolling over my body like a light blue wave. Time seemed to slow down as the pleasure increased.

Then I passed out. Yep, just for a second I think I blacked out. I think it was the intense satisfaction and release that did it, and I was aware of doing it in a weird way but I lost control of my motor functions and slumped across Suze’s back for a moment.

Maybe it was the fatigue, combined with the orgasms. Whatever it was I’ve not experienced it before and it brought with it a feeling of calm and fulfilment.

I don’t think Suze quite realised what happened. She obviously felt me slump across her back, then come back to life. Just when you think there’s nothing new to experience something happens and you realise you’ll always be learning …