Screwged Part 2

By | December 26, 2010

Fucks Of Christmas Past

Ed woke to find Marlene’s head on his chest and her warm, moist breath playing on his skin. He tried to move her to one side without waking her so he could make them both a coffee.

“It’s OK.” She said. “I’ve been awake for a while. Seven years and you still haven’t got the heating fixed. The clanging it makes when it starts up woke me.”

“I never seem to get round to it.”

Marlene had slid up the bed and propped herself up against the headboard. “Before you go and make me breakfast I think we should have that discussion I mentioned last night.”

“I thought you said you weren’t after anything.”

“I’m not.” Snapped Marlene. “I’m here to help, though with your attitude I’m beginning to wonder if I should bother.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just that everyone wants a piece of me and …”

“That was always your problem. It’s in your head you know. I know there are a few bastards out there who would try and take your money from you but you’re paranoid.” She stopped, watching the words sink in. She had told him before, seven years ago, It was one of the reasons they had broken up, not because he thought she was a gold digger, but because of his constant paranoia.

Brushing aside her words he said “OK, what do we need to talk about?”

“Karen Thompson.”


“She worked for you in sales, well she did until five years ago.” Marlene waited, she could hear the gears turning in his head.

“Oh fuck not her!” His eyes were wide, he was panicked.

“Fuck, yes her. She left in late February of the following year. Then last month she turned up at my offices claiming that she was raped by you. “Obviously when I knew she was accusing you I declined the case, told her I was too busy and not the right council for her.”

“Why didn’t she go to the police if I raped her?” Ed was turning a shade of purest white.

“She did and they said that they couldn’t build a case. She never cried rape at the time, no witness and no forensics.” Marlene stopped. “You didn’t rape her, did you?”

“No, of course not?”

“Did you have sex?”

“Erm, I think so.”

“You think so.” Marlene chuckled. “Have there been that many?”

“No but I was very, very drunk. I might not even have been able to get it up when we went into the photocopier room …


It was Christmas five years earlier. Ed’s business was doing well. Import/export was riding high on the back of a credit boom and rising house prices. And with the success came huge bonuses for all his staff and a legendary Christmas party.

The offices would be wrecked and need serious cleaning if not refurbishment by the new year, but nobody cared. Money was flowing in faster than Ed could count it and everyone was in party mood.

Karen had been flirting with Ed all evening. Her career had always relied in her revealing blouses more than her adequate but less than sensational aptitude for sales. She felt that the six months served with Ed’s company were enough and she had found the sugar daddy she had always dreamed of, or was it planned for?

A couple of indecently tactile dances under the red and gold decorations had given Ed a lump in his trousers. Karen led Ed into the shadows at the side of the office to the sound of another thumping beat from the hired DJ and wolf whistles from their colleagues.

She kissed him first and grabbed his hands, placing them on her sumptuous breasts. It wasn’t that he had any inhibitions about doing so, but she was impatient and the alcohol was making him slow. Her heavy perfume suffused his nostrils like opium so all he was aware of was the soft warm pillows in his hands, her hair, her soft mouth and a wave of scent enveloping him.

His cock dribbled down his leg in anticipation of imminent release while his brain tried to put the increasingly hazy and disjointed sensations, fed to him by his senses, into a semblance of order.

“Come with me.” She crooned, pulling him to the photocopier room.

Once inside the music was muffled and the light a little bright for Ed’s eyes. Karen propped him against a wall to prevent his swaying turning into complete collapse. He squinted at her. She was unfastening her blouse, he smiled rather goofily. Her bra was holding back two plump mounds. When she removed it they spilled out, nipples hard and pink.

Ed stood mute while she unfastened his belt and let his trousers fall to the ground. She pulled out his cock and massaged the flaccid member to full erection. Karen spat on him, smearing the saliva over his shaft. She squatted, legs awkwardly intertwined between his and jammed his prick between her tits.

Ed watched, merely a spectator as he was given a tit wank. She looked up at him, with her best pornstar eyes. After a couple of minutes Karen’s legs were too tired to carry on and she opted to continue her career progression with a blow job.

He felt her suck him into her mouth with the enthusiasm of a first-timer and the skill of a pro. Her tongue rubbed constantly at his frenulum, stopping only when his glans were burried deep in her throat and she was gagging on him.

Occasionally she would release him and vigorously pump his prick in her hand, eyes watching him for the signs of an approaching orgasm. It was like being in the ultimate POV porn movie, except that this was real.

Ed felt himself cumming and let himself rip. There was no attempt to hold back the gushing jets of cum, just a glorious, half-conscious release of sticky white fluid and ecstasy. The first of his issue flooded her tongue the rest landed on her face as she pulled back, open-mouth, to receive her facial.

His cock dripped in front of him as he watched her rub the cum dripping from her mouth over her boobs and swallow the rest.


Marelene pondered for a moment. “You better get me some coffee, then I’ve got to find out what Ms Thompson’s been up to since she left your employ.”