Screwged Part 3

By | December 26, 2010

The least productive day of the year in the office dawned. Ed took his place in his glass walled office. He sipped a fresh coffee and prepared for the sight of his employees pretending to be interested in work on Christmas Eve. He didn’t mind, they worked hard all year and he would let them go home after they drifted back from a long and boozy lunch. He smiled to himself, the firm had taken a hit over the last few years but he was doing better than most because of the hard work of his staff. Yes life could be a lot worse.

The phone interrupted his musings. The number displayed was a mobile phone, but one that he didn’t recognise.

“Hello, Ed …”

“It’s Marlene. I’ve found her, I’ll be outside in ten minutes. Black BMW.” The phone went dead.

“Yes, Ma’am.” Said Ed, replacing the receiver.


Ed and Marlene sat on the BMW M3’s soft leather seats staring at the office building.

“Nice car. I thought you came by train.” Said Ed.

“Belongs to a friend, she’s out of town for Christmas. I can’t afford a car like this yet …”

“Oh.” The though of his gleaming silver Porsche and red Ferrari parked in the converted stable block outside his house pricked his conscience. Their lives had diverged since they parted, her partner at the law firm she had set up running off with a huge quantity clients money and leaving her exonerated by the courts but penniless. “This is where she works?”

“Oh Yes.” She said. “You’re tense.”

“A little, if we get caught this will look terrible in court.”

Marlene raised an eyebrow. The was a moments pause then she reached across and tugged the zip of his flies down.

“It’s broad daylight!” Ed protested.

“It’s getting dark …” Her fingers were inside now, hooking out his cock. “That doesn’t look very happy.” Said Marlene, stroking his flaccid member. She leant across and took him in her mouth.

He closed his eyes, putting thoughts of discovery out of his mind and becoming absorbed in the sensations from his cock. He was filling her mouth now, the blood pumping into his penis turning his dormant member into a waking animal hot and mobile. Marlene’s tongue investigated his foreskin and glans, probing inside for the first drops of precum. Soon he was too big for her to take the whole of him in her mouth and it was just his tip which enjoyed the probing swirling tongue around his frenulum.

She released him from her mouth and grasped his cock with her hand. I can’t remember the last time I gave you a hand job, do you still cum as much as you used to?

He could only offer a grunt in reply, the vigorous pumping of her hand was too distracting. He was fully hard now, the tip of his cock slick with spit and precum, so sensitive that her shook as she jerked him off.

“I’m not risking you dirtying these trousers, we don’t have a spare pair.” Her mouth engulfed him again, taking the very end of him with her lips just behind his corona. He could feel her suction and her hand stroking his cock, he wanted to reach out and touch her in return, slide his hand into her knickers and rub her wet snatch … the desire to slide his fingers into her pussy and her sucking, pumping blowjob tipped him over the orgasmic precipice with startling ferocity.

Marlene could not swallow the cum fast enough and had to release his cock from her mouth. White fluid covered her hand. She licked it and swallowed every drop, avoiding soiling his disguise in a business-like way that astonished Ed and kick-started fantasies of having her in the office for regular blowjobs as his lunchtime slut … “You old pervert”  he thought to himself.

Having composed herself, brushed her hair and reapplied her lipstick Marlene asked, “Are you ready now?”

“Not really but let’s go. Isn’t she going to recognise me?”

“You had that stupid  facial hair the last time she saw you and you’ve got a few more wrinkles …”

He looked hurt.

“Shit, sorry. Did I dent your pride.”

“No, you’re right. I’m a mess.”

“There are certainly some parts of you that are still in working order.” Marlene smiled, her eyes resting on his crotch.