Parents Say The Strangest Things

By | December 27, 2006

As I mentioned in my earlier post, Alex’s parents came over for Christmas dinner with us.  They are the most down to earth unassuming couple you could hope to have for your perspective in-laws.  Dad has a wicked sense over humour and a very jovial personality and Mum is more steady and reserved but also possesses a good sense of humour, although tempered.

So you can imagine my shock when Alex and his father were clearing the table she came out with “Did you see that Kate Mellor series on television the other day?”.  I replied that I hadn’t, to be honest between writing for the blog and having lots of sex I don’t really get much time to watch television these days and when I do it’s whilst laying in bed pre or post sex.  LOL.

I think his Mum wonders exactly how we fill our days when we don’t watch television.  Best she doesn’t know too!  😀  Anyway, back to what I was telling you.  So, Alex and his Dad are busy in the kitchen…”It was a very good series”, she continued.  “The plot was very complex and compelling, there were a couple of lesbians in it.  One of them decided to do that thing where they hang themselves from a door, you know what I mean.  He did it a few years ago and it went wrong”.

She must have seen the look of surprise and astonishment come over my face as the words came out.  I had to rerun her words by me again, just to be sure that I had heard right.  I had…It took me all my time not to say those words “Oh, you mean, Erotic Asphyxiation”.  I just confirmed that I knew what she was talking about.

It takes me all my time now not to come straight out with the correct terminology when people are relating to sexual fetishism or acts.  I can never imagine sharing my secret blogging world with either my parents or Alex’s.  In fact it’s kind of hard to imagine talking to them about sex, period. 

When Alex came back in to the room I must have been wearing a grin, he looked at me and frowned as much as to say, what have you been talking about.  I didn’t tell him until she went to the toilet later and we both giggled.  For all we know she could be as well informed as us and could even have her own blog.  LOL



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