Sex, Swimming And Perving

By | April 29, 2008

I`m really enjoying the whole swimming experience. We have only been a few times since we took it up again but it’s great exercise, a complete body workout.

The pool that we attend is one of the old ones, none of the modern fancy-dancy extras that you get with new builds. It’s just plain swimming and that’s it, however that does reflect in the admission price.

Not much to look at though, no hunks or hot girls and I’m finding that I seem to attract a lot of divers around me at certain points in the pool. πŸ˜‰ Some have taken to tossing their locker keys in to the water and diving for them. Yes guys, I know exactly what you are up to if you are reading this. Lol

It could be that we are going at the wrong times but probably that the ones worth ogling at go to the new facilities and clubs. There is something quaint about the old swimming baths, for example the changing and showering facilties.

The ones in this swimming pool are almost prehistoric. You will laugh but I went to the loo last time I went which involved carefully pulling a wet clingy swimsuit down to my thighs. That was the easy part. I forgot just how hard it is to pull it back up again when it has rolled in to the tightest of rolls.

I’m not kidding, I must have been in that toilet about 10 minutes trying to re-roll my swimsuit back in to position. But the best had yet to come…the showers were communal. A long shower tray with four showers aligned along it.

All the girls were showering with their swimsuits still on, not ideal if you want to clean off the chlorine properly. The first time we went I conformed and showered in my swimsuit only washing the exposed parts of my body.

The second time we went, I though “fuck it” and I pulled down my swimwear and placed it on to the ledge outside the shower. It was quite humorous watching the other girls in their trying to overt their gaze as I continued to give myself a full body wash with a buffer and some foam.

I continued to wash myself and enjoy the experience from the point of view of almost being an exhibitionist and watching their faces, trying not too look at me. πŸ˜‰ I’m a tease I know. We British are so reserved, I then had fun leaving the showers and walking over to my locker naked just holding my shampoo and shower paraphernalia.

Can you believe I used to be a shy girl? πŸ˜‰