Suze In Silk

By | April 30, 2008

My Silk Pyjamas

My silk pyjamas, are they an indulgence?
I suppose so, but I love the feel of them
Silk has a texture like no other fabric
A look like no other

I slide into bed and feel them against my skin
I want to touch them
My hands explore the ripples in the material,
tracing the curves of the flesh underneath
I am roused, rising, the mere act of touching fuelling my inner fires
Is this an illicit pleasure?
This tactile safari over muscle and skin.

My hand reaches down one leg as far as I can reach
Now back up and down the other, avoiding the obvious destination
For now
I’m hard, hard as steel, silk and steel a delicious juxtaposition
I can resist no longer, my hand dives in

I feel the arousal, so obvious, yet clandestine in its silken shroud
Unseen, every touch is amplified
My rapaciously horny mind seeking sensation
My other hand reaches up to squeeze a nipple

You gasp

I love it when you wear my silk pyjamas