Sex At Work

By | May 1, 2008

Reading Alex’s post on pornography within the workplace triggered a few of my own thoughts on the subject.

Seeing it through the female’s eyes so to speak.

I recall working at a small tooling company and having to walk through workshops with nude calendars of varying tastes hanging on the walls or any available space. They weren’t perceived as being threatening by me because I have always been bi and I could appreciate the images too.

The guys would sometimes cover them up if they knew that I was going to be entering their work area out of respect I suppose but as I said they didn’t offend me. This could have been as I put it down to my interest in the female form or the fact that I was comfortable with who I was and not at all insecure. I suppose on reflection it could have been a combination of both.

At the same time I did know people who thought the images were degrading to women and objectifying them. Then there is the return argument that these girls were making substantial amounts of money posing for them. So, who was exploiting who?

One of the leading calendar producers of the day and some may argue they still are, is Pirelli who have now become very collectable in the calendar field. I checked them out and they are still producing calendars today, the latest one oriental in theme and portraying clothed females no nakedness at all.

In my current employ the male dominated departments have replaced the calendars complete with pinup girls with screen savers. I suppose this is the modern day equivalent, tailored to personal choice.

I may stress that all of them appear to be fully clothed although scantily clad, not that it bothers me I can appreciate and attractive girl as well as any man. It’s just that I can’t say it.

Which brings me to my next point…at home I have a girly screen saver of two very attractive brunettes necking. But it makes me think how it would be perceived in my work environment. The other girls have images of guys on their screens.

Now, dare I be different! đŸ˜‰