Give Me Tight Pussy, NOW!

By | December 30, 2010

Don’t you just love spam. No? Me neither in all honesty but it does occasionally provide us with some real amusement. Now there are herbal preparations out there that can really improve your general wellbeing. Some are based on herbal knowledge developed by ancient civilisations over millennia.

Others however are created purely to satisfy some people’s need to conform to fashion. One of those fashions is for a tight vagina. I say fashion because when women get older and give birth naturally their vaginas stretch. Depending on their bodies, how they recover from childbearing and whether or not they engage in pelvic floor exercises the “tightness” of each woman’s vagina will reduce over time.

This is just a natural part of getting older and apart from in extreme cases is not a disaster. Surgery can be an option but apart from in cases where there is a real clinical need I can’t see the point. There are not many 50 year old virgins and if you’ve had kids virgin is not a option. So why do so many women these days consider having their vagina tightened surgically. Who the fuck are they kidding? Unless they have undergone some injury during childbirth such as a botched episiotomy or a tear caused by some other trauma why would they want to feel like virgins again? Well each to their own I suppose.

Which brings me back to the spam I’m started talking about at the beginning of this post. It pointed me at a store that turned out to be an Amazon store selling herbal vagina tightening preparations … ladies, would you buy a product online and the squirt it up your pussy to make your man feel like he was screwing a virgin?