Final Fetish Fantasy Extra!

By | December 30, 2010

Kinky MaidThis is an episode of the Final Fetish Fantasy I published some time ago. I doesn’t kind of fit into the flow of the story buy hey, it’s filthy so I suppose you’ll love it.

Marie watched Victor playing with the tetrahedron again. She saw his finger alight on the tiny dimple and watched the effect as he pressed it. In the same way as it had when she had twisted the corner it began to reconfigure itself before finally coming to rest in his hand, a tetrahedron again but now with a slight green tinge to the black surface.

“How does it feel?”  she asked him.

“Lighter somehow, and does it look a different colour to you?”

“Yes, a bit greenish.” Marie replied.

“Pity about the latex.” Victor remarked.

Marie looked down and found that instead of the latex dress she was now wearing a pair of jodhpurs and riding boots.  Victor was dressed in a similar fashion with mud spattering his boots as if he had just returned from a ride in the country.

“Are we going mad?” Asked Victor, wondering what to make of the bizarre and inexplicable events they were both experiencing.

“I don’t know, but I’m so turned on by seeing you cum in the shower, then that thing with my ass … I need you to do something for me …” They moved closer to each other on the bed. But as their lips were about to touch there was a knock at the door.

Victor cursed under his breath and broke away. When he answered the door he was surprised that instead of the small bespectacled man he was face to face with a woman, about his wife’s age dressed in a maid’s uniform. Under normal circumstances he would have assumed that this would indicate she was a member of the hotel staff but these circumstances were not normal and her words to him underlined that fact.

“I believe your wife requires me to attend to her?”

“Oh.” Said Victor, at first taken aback. “Oh, yes. I think there is something you could do for her. Come in.”

Victor felt he was getting the hang of this. It must be a dream. He couldn’t quite work out why after the incident in the shower he hadn’t woken next to his wife with a sticky stomach and the awkward task of explaining to his wife why he had experienced a wet dream for the first time in years. But he was happy to encourage this fantasy chamber maid with her wiggling ass and looks that seemed uncannily like the fantasy third partner he and his wife had talked about in their less guarded moments. What would she do next?

Marie seemed to have the same recognition of the blonde haired member of the hotel staff and reacted in a way that only reaffirmed his belief that this was a fantastic dream. “Come here!” she snapped at the maid in a voice that conveyed an authority and impatience that was totally unlike Marie’s  usual demeanour. “Take off my blouse.” Ordered Marie.

Victor watched as the maid removed his wife’s blouse and then at her behest removed her boots, jodhpurs and finally underwear. He found himself rubbing his crotch with no self-consciousness, after all this was his fantasy, no, it was their fantasy. If only Marie could experience this too …

And she was. The maid was ordered to slip between  Marie’s legs and lap at her already wet slit. The maid had straddled Marie’s head and while her tongue lapped at Marie’s swollen pussy lips and tingling clitoris her shot skirt formed a tent around Marie’s head. The scent of the maid’s pussy was intensified by the cloth enclosure.

“The dirty bitch isn’t wearing any knickers!” said Marie from beneath the Maid.

Victor lifted the black skirt to reveal his wife’s smiling face, the maid’s round ass and a bare, shaved pussy. He rubbed his fingers over the swollen lips and gradually between them, deeper and deeper.

“Oh, she likes that!” gasped Marie. “Ooooohhh, yes she loves it” when Victor’s rubbing of the maid’s pussy prompted even more vigorous exploration of his wife’s sex by the maid’s tongue. “Fuck her Victor. I want to see you inside her.”

Victor  pulled down his jodhpurs and pulled off his boots, regretting instantly not taking his boots off first and falling onto the bed. After a little struggling that his wife and their new partner were apparently oblivious to her made to take up position behind the maid, cock swaying in the air in front of him. His wife was already busy between the maid’s legs, fingers sloshing in her cunt.

He waited for her to withdraw her fingers and watched her taste the maid’s juices before guiding his hard cock towards the maid’s swollen labia. He rubbed it up and down her lips, collecting some of the fluid on the tip of his cock before pressing against her opening.  Her looked down to see his wife staring intently at the penetration, the first time she had seen him enter another woman. She uttered one word to him “Yesss”

Sliding inside his new partner was an exciting, guilty pleasure. His wife was there, giving her ascent, in fact encouraging him to fuck this stranger for her pleasure as well as his own and the mixture of conflicting emotions stirred up  new and incomprehensible feeling within him.

He felt his wife’s hand on his ass, pushing him forward, encouraging him to push deep into the maid. “Fuck her Victor. I want to see those balls of yours empty into her!” this was totally unlike his wife, yes she was passionate but never using such coarse language, she was adventurous but even when they had talked and fantasised about a threesome she had never expressed herself in such wanton terms.

He swung his hips and bit his lip. The sensation of this new snatch was turning him on because of its shear novelty, more than that his wife was watching him, smelling the maid’s arousal and waiting for the moment of his release as the ultimate voyeur, inches from his thrusting cock. And all the time she was being licked and sucked by this sexually compliant stranger.

The inevitable conclusion could not be postponed and through his howls and orgasmic haze he could hear his wife’s climactic scream and feel her nails drawing blood from his lower back.