Techno Porn

By | May 2, 2008

It’s amazing exactly how much technology is used to bring us the porn we demand from the Internet. There’s the servers around the globe with all those words, images and movies on them. Then there’s the infrastructure of network switches, submarine cables and satellite links that that connect them to each other and to us.

Now most people in the UK have access to ADSL we have fast internet into most homes and businesses. However you still have to have a PC or other device that’s capable of browsing the Web to view the content that’s out there.

I changed my PC last year, the old one’s been languishing in the back bedroom since then. I decided last week I was sure that I had all the files I needed, all the documents, all the erm, images ;o) and so I thought I’d reinstall Windows XP on it. After the initial installation the PC insisted on installing 92 patches, plus three updates to the Windows installer.

I said some bad words. All this just so I could have a backup PC, just in case. I still have to install a mail client etc so it’s there as a hot standby so to speak and that might trigger more downloads.

Then, in work on Monday, I mentioned the silly number of downloads I had to install, even though I’d installed XP service pack 2 from the manufacturer’s disks.

“Oh, you should have waited, SP 3 is out soon …”

Arse! Oh well, I suppose “soon” in Microsoft speak could be 2009.

Oh well, a few more CDs and downloads and the backup PC will be ready to browse porn again …

All this effort for naughtiness … LOL

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