Would You Fuck The Vacuum Cleaner?

By | December 31, 2010

Future Sex

Suze and I have written before about our lack of love for fucking machines as featured on a number of specialist sites. The concept of a mechanical device of such complexity, cost and almost brutal application of sexual stimulation doesn’t sit well with either of us.

I have to concede that there will come a day when sex machines do become a part of our lives but not in the crude and unsophisticated form that they exist today. I think that people in general could easily accept a fucking machine in human form. For those of us outside a relationship or who simply do not want to have a relationship they would offer sexual fulfilment without strings and allow anyone to fulfil their fantasies without going through that tiresome process of finding a compatible mate.

That sounds terribly cynical but imagine the sort of situations that a cybernetic sex partner would be far more desirable than a real human. If you loose your partner of 40 years you might feel that to woo another partner and then sleep with them would be full of emotional pitfalls and potential heartbreak for you both. There’s also the matter of not wanting to feel that you have betrayed your life-partner by finding someone else. With a synthetic lover you would be simply fulfilling a need and not trying to replace your soul mate. Not for everyone but an option nonetheless.

You could also try out things your partner might not be in to and get it out of your system. I suppose this is a more controversial statement to make but think about it. If you try it with your synthetic partner and you like it but you still can’t get your partner to join in then maybe you’ve got the wrong partner. However if you find it doesn’t really float your boat then nobody gets hurt. Of course the two downsides to this are if you want to try something really weird and you like it or if you persists in doing the stuff your partner will not try with your cyber sex toy while maintaining your relationship with your human partner – is that being unfaithful or just plain deceitful.

Whatever you do and whatever technology throws up in the future there will be a lot of new ethical, social and emotional issues to address and all that on top of where you charge up your electric love pal.