Porn Beyond Porn

By | January 1, 2011

Claudia RossiAs you know we review porn DVD’s on our sites (Erotic Buzz and Himdulgence).  This has given me access to material I may not otherwise get my hands on as distributors send it out directly to me upon release.

It also means that I have no shortage of visual stimulation to masturbate to when I’m testing my toys for review.  I find the multi sensory approach to toy testing and reviewing one of the most effective.

On the whole porn DVD’s have an almost inexhaustible supply of girls but not so with male performers.  Most production houses tend to have a stable of “old faithfulls” and unfortunately that term precisely sums up the situation.  Most of the “reliable” male porn starts tend to be slightly older and larger than their counterparts.

Although I like my porn, I do like it to feature stars whom I find attractive.  Which explains why I have been an avid follower of Jay Snake, who in my humble opinion was the most attractive male porn star on the circuit.

I can’t count how many times he has accompanied me to orgasm.  He’s tall dark and handsome, with a cock of magnificent proportions.  Allegedly he possess a 10” cock, more than most girls could handle.  Lol

Well the other day I got quite a shock when I heard that Jay has quit porn and so has his girlfriend Claudia Rossi who is also worth one.  I really don’t know who could possibly fill his shoes and take his place in my bed…

…sad day.