A Year In Reverse Cowgirl

By | January 1, 2011

Reverse CowgirlLooking back over 2010 does help me appreciate how much we’ve achieved over the year. OK, so there’s the stuff you can see, the new skin on this blog but that is a relatively minor improvement to the site … though it did take absolutely hours to plan and test.  We’ve also expanded our footprint on the web amongst our existing sites but more importantly within the adult industry.

We’re in the process of freshening up all the sites, getting rid of redundant pages and making sure it’s easier to find content when you want it. We’re also increasing the scope of content on each site as time allows. That means you’ll find more articles on more topics on sites like Himdulgence.com and A-Rouse.com.

Of course our best known sites after this one are AdultBlogHub.com and SexToysBuzz.com. If all goes to plan bloggers using AdultBlogHub.com will be getting a New Years surprise tomorrow with a new look for visitors to the site soon after. SexToysBuzz.com continues to pull in the visitors and we continue to be deluged with requests to review products. When we were in Germany this autumn people kept thrusting bags of goodies into our hands; Like good little sex toy testers we’re slowly working through them.

Of course we’re now reviewing DVDs for a number of studios including Viv Thomas, Harmony films and Sexsense to name a few. You’ll find those reviews on Erotic Buzz and Himdulgence.com.

Looking ahead to 2011 we have lots of plans but we’re making no promises as to what will be online first. Not because we don’t have a plan, we do. It’s just that experience teaches you that in this industry you should expect the unexpected and grasp new opportunities when they present themselves. Or to put it another way, all plans are subject to change without notice LOL.

What we will promise is more smut, more sex toys, more opinion and above all the honest approach to writing that we’ve always had.

And of course the only way a sex blog could have done a retrospective is in reverse cowgirl!