Dirty Dancing

By | May 3, 2008


I was lying in bed and I had the most deliciously naughty recollection. It’s not something I’d forgotten, just something that happened so long ago that I rarely think about it.

When Suze and I first got together we were, initially at least, rather reticent about it. This was for a number of reason, more to do with other people than ourselves. Well frankly it was all about other people. There were circumstances surrounding our meeting that made us feel uncomfortable or more acurately made others feel that way. No, I’ll not be ellaborating here, let’s just say that for the brief time we kept “us” a secret we learned one important lesson; You can worry to much about other people’s sensibilities.

It didn’t last long. We were head over heals in love and still are.

So, how do you tell all your friends about your relationship when they might have mixed feelings about it? Perhaps a few well chosen words to key members of your immediate social circle and let it spread naturally from there?

Oh please! This is Alex and Suze here 🙂

We were invited to a birthday party, one of Suzanne’s friends. We arrived together in my car. That wasn’t such a clue to the guests as they knew we occasionally hung-out together.

We circulated, pretty much together. We talked to the other guests but our obvious closeness started to raise a few eyebrows. What really did the trick was when the DJ started playing “Addicted to Love”. The old ones are always the best 😉

We got up and danced. Boy how we danced. Imagine this; Suze in a beautifully tailored skirt suit, cream blouse, high heals, stockings and underneath it all I could feel a basque.

I could feel it because after only a few bars I pulled her close to me and slid my leg between hers. Or was it that she pushed herself onto me. Either way our bodies ground together, groins glowing with the anticipation of release. Our hands touched each other in the way that only lovers can.

Jaws dropped, eyes were wide. We starred into each other’s eyes, but in our peripheral vision we could see them all gawking at us, a small circle opening around us on the dancefloor.

I suppose we should feel a little guilty, stealing the birthday girl’s thunder. But when your cock is a rod of iron, dribbling pre-cum down your leg and the smile on your face is as wide as a cat in a Lewis Carroll classic you don’t really care.

For the next hour the talk in the room was on one subject. Us. And to be honest we lapped it up.

We stayed until most of the party guests had left. Rather amusingly we had several people comment, “…of course we suspected something ws going on.”. They couldn’t have, we’d been very careful up until that point. But some people just can’t bear to think they’ve missed something can they.

On the drive home after the party we stopped off in a layby. Call me old fashioned if you like, but I find there’s nothing quite so deliciously decadent as sliding your hand up a woman’s stocking-clad leg and under he skirt. The feeling as your fingers traverse the sheer fabric, then the top seem, before you finally reach the soft warm skin of a thigh. Her reaction as your inquisitive digits reach soft, moist panties and she writhes and moans underneath you. I’m smiling just thinking about it.

We were kissing and holding each other on one of the reclined front seats. The awkwardness of this and the glow of the evening’s events made our activities far more arousing than if we had been in a nice warm, comfotable bed.

You can fill in the rest.

It’s one of those special evenings and I’ll never forget. Not least because it was the day I was able to show everyone how I feel about Suze.