Cum For Me, Sweet And Sticky

By | January 1, 2011

Sugar Tiger

It’s a tradition that when you go to the coast you eat a lot of sugar. It can be candy floss, doughnuts, boiled sweets or rock. For anyone who isn’t familiar with rock it’s a kind of aerated sugar concoction made to encourage kids to each it quickly because it’s softer than normal boiled sweets and consequently rot their teeth faster. It is also often run through with the name of the resort from which it is purchased.

But to my story …

The shop was busy. Children queue with handfuls of coins to buy as much sugar based confectionary as they could so they could spend the rest of the day hyperglycaemic, terrorising each other and their parents. I waited in line to be served until one of the assistants shouted “Who’s next” above the din of the diminutive throng around me.

She had brown hair with a tinge of red and a pair of red-framed sun glasses perched on top like an Alice band. Her white coat was stretched tight over full breasts. She watched me with playful eyes while I scanned the counter full of calories. Sweats of every description, every shape, colour and size, a display that delighted and excited the children around me.

Then I noticed she was sucking on a lollipop. The stick rolled and flicked from one corner of her mouth to the other as she sucked on it. I scowled “Anything else to tempt me with?”. I licked my lips, and looked her square in the eyes.

“Something special? A little bit more tasty?”

“Yes please …”

I followed her into the back of the shop stacked high with trays of sugary goodness, the nemesis of ten thousand milk teeth and then into the office at the back. I shut the door and pulled the blind down then turned to see her sucking on her lollipop again.

“That looks tasty” I said.

“It is, try some.” She took the lollipop from her mouth and waited for me to plant my lips on hers. I slid my tongue inside and experienced the sugary sweetness blended with her own flavour. I could feel my cock growing, the uncomfortable confines of a new pair of jeans corralling my expanding member. Our lips parted leaving us both a little breathless. She placed the lollipop back in her mouth and unbuttoned her white coat to reveal a tiger striped bra. I resisted the urge to say “Grrr”.

Her breasts looked ready to spill out despite the tight fit of the cups but she was intent on freeing them as soon as she could, letting the coat fall to the floor and unclipping the bra before shrugging it from her shoulders. She took the sugary saliva coated lollipop from her mouth again and rolled it around each nipple in turn.

I leant down and licked at her hard pink buds, flicking them, making her shudder and gasp, biting them, making her yelp. She pulled my head into her chest the soft fragrant skin between them smothering my face. My hands cupped her, squeezing the soft fleshy mounds that enclosed my face until she released me.

“Cum on my tits.” She asked laying on the carpet. Who was I to argue?

I removed my trousers and boxers so I could straddle her and placed my dripping cock between her tits. She brought up her hands to press the soft flesh around my cock and fixed her eyes on the end of the shaft as it appeared and disappeared between them. I leant forward placing my hands flat on the floor above her head to steady myself and allow my cock to push forward until it reached her lips and was sucked into her mouth. I would pause every few strokes to let her lick the ever-flowing precum from the end.

My balls rolled on the skin of her torso, my cock slick, sliding between her breasts and her hands pressing them around me. She saw my demeanour change, my face contort and the pattern of my strokes change as I began to cum. She smiled and awaited the eruption.

I thrust into her cleavage shooting streak after streak of cum across her upper chest, neck, chin. Some splashed across her lips but didn’t stay there long, as she licked it away.

I came to rest, breathing heavily and feeling the final trickle of cum ooze slowly from me into the valley between her boobs. I watched her dip the lollipop into the streaks of cum on her skin and deliver the salty-sweet mixture to her mouth …

Aren’t daydreams wonderful things …