Ron Jeremy

By | May 4, 2008

Ron JeremyI’ve never been a fan of Ron Jeremy because of his porn films. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a sneaking admiration for someone who, by his reputation, has boundless energy, will appear at the opening of an envelope if he thinks he’ll get his picture taken.

There are some male porn stars who I can imagine women lusting after. Maybe they are a little quirky, or are well-built and look after themselves. Perhaps they are assertive and exude testosterone in a way that draws women to them. [“Or have big cocks!”, Suze]. But with Ron Jeremy all I can see is a loveable hairy guy, a little short and these days a little over-weight. He’s never struck me as a sexual dynamo, his technique is a little matter-of-fact, laid back, in-out and done.

That sounded like a criticism didn’t it. Well I suppose it was, in a way, though I’d prefer to think of it as an observation. Ron Jeremy started as an actor and moved into porn. I think his acting ambitions still shine through. He’s appeared in as a number of mainstream movies and allegedly goes out of his way to appear in them. He’s had cameos in Detroit Rock City and Killing Zoe and worked as consultant on Boogie Nights and 9 ½ weeks. He even appeared a an extra in Ghost Busters

I get the feeling that Ron Jeremy would do Shakespeare if anyone would let him, and if I were directing A Midsummer Night’s Dream I would have him play Bottom. I mean, can you imagine anyone play the part of a donkey better than big Ron Jeremy?

If you want to see Suze playing with Jenns Jameson’s boobs, click here for the video on ASTV.

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