Naked And Covered In Chocolate

By | January 4, 2011

Chocolate MelMost of us are familiar with the lady over there to the left.  She was the sexy face of Boddington’s beer in their 90’s television advertising campaign.  With her gorgeous brunette looks she wooed us all and then she opened her mouth to reveal her deeply northern accent which made us all smile.

Her name for those of us who struggle to remember, like I did, is Melanie Sykes.  She is currently using her choclatey charms to raise awareness of a new diet website where women can reveal their dietry confessions.  The site is called

I’ve also read she is to host a brand new make over show for the Bio Channel  which takes a mum from the school gates and gives her a brand new look.

I don’t usually have a sweet tooth but for her I would certainly make an exception.  😉