The Very Sexual Assistant

By | January 5, 2011

AlexSuzeWhy don’t you shut the door,
and close the curtains,
cos you’re not going anywhere.
He’s coming up the stairs,
and in a moment, he’ll want to see your underwear.
Pulp, Underwear

“Can I help you?” she said over his shoulder. Her honey and chocolate tones dripping over him and sending that first pang of fear through the very core of his being.

“Erm, I’m looking for something for my girlfriend.” He said nervously.

“Of course you are. Do you have her sizes?”

He handed over a crumpled piece of paper. She read it and said, “The same size as me; well except in one respect.” She looked down with evident pride at her DD breast presented in a balcony bra and ready to spill out of her strapless dress.

He looked at her pink pillows and gulped.

“Let me see … ” she said absently and proceeded to lead him around the store picking out a number of items with some small reference to his opinion.

They ended their tour at the changing rooms, her arms full of underwear and her face wearing a slightly amused smile brought about by his bemused expression. “Now all you have to do is choose.”

There was a pause. It began as a second and grew to ten, then as it approached twenty seconds and he seemed only capable of opening and closing his mouth soundlessly while scanning the array of bras and panties in front of him she spoke again. “Shall I model them for you?”


“All part of the service.” She licked her lips. “Come through and I’ll slip out of this dress.”

He followed mutely, feeling like a fly being drawn into a web and wondering exactly what part of him she might try to bite off.

When they were in the curtained changing area she slipped behind a screen and left him fidgeting like a schoolboy outside the headmaster’s office after a fight. He stood, despite the single gold-framed, red upholstered chair next to him.

She reappeared in a black and red lacy bra and pant set. Her hips swayed and hypnotised him. She walked back and forth, breasts barely contained by the cups that were two sizes too small for her. He was relieved when her bare feet padded across the soft carpet and behind the screen so he could adjust his cock now stiff against his jeans.

“Oh, these are nice!” He heard her say. Then a minute later she reappeared with a claret red set, simple and silky.

She paraded for him again, this time throwing him glances over her shoulder, peeking around her chestnut hair with her playful blue-green eyes. He realised his mouth was open and shut it.

“Do you like these?” She asked.

“Yes” His mouth was dry, his heart pounding hard and trying to climb up his throat.

“Do you like me in these?” She asked, her voice like hot, dark treacle.

“Oh, Yes”

He felt her hand on his cock, at first holding his stiffness, then gently rubbing him through the material. He stood stock still, wanting to reciprocate but having no idea of how to react.

“Will you do something for me?” She asked.


She didn’t answer but instead bent over the chair, her stomach on the chair back, hands grasping the seat.

She heard his zip and him pushing his jeans and boxers down. She felt his cock slap against her leg and his fingers pulling at the silky panties, leaving them half way down her thighs.

Her labia pounted, moist from arousal and eager to welcome his pulsing phallus. She felt him press against her pubic bone folding one swollen lip in and preventing entry, then withdraw slightly before sliding slowly inside her.

“Yes!” she cried feeling his thick, veined cock filling her.

He grabbed her waist, swinging his hips, pushing himself inside her hot snatch. She wobbled slightly, his furious assault on her sex almost pushing her over. He slowed slightly, but as soon as she was stable again continued to fuck her hard. She growled and moaned, while her pussy flowed covering his cock in glistening fluid.

The smell of them both filled the changing room. Her knuckles became white she gripped the chair seat so hard. The blood running to her head and the orgasms white kept washing over her made her feel dizzy.

She was almost ready for another orgasm its shuddering onset approaching in the distance, but he was cumming now and not waiting for her. He slammed into her, groin and buttocks colliding with the force of a runaway train colliding with its buffers, forceful, almost brutal. He drove his cock into her and when he was deeper than he thought he would ever penetrate her he unleashed his seed and felt himself awash inside her in a sea of his own cum.