On Screen Sexual Lust

By | January 5, 2011

Serinda SwanI ventured out of the house after being held captive by the kitchen over the festive period to watch a film at the cinema today.

After being chained to the kitchen sink for the past week it was nice to enjoy my emancipation and take a trip out to the local Cineplex.  Having checked out the screening times online it became apparent that during the week nobody gets out of bed until late morning/afternoon.  So we were unable to attend until almost lunch time which set our eating arrangements back somewhat.

During the screening which was to at the most, 25 people there were at least 3 coughing so I’m so expecting to be feeling a little rough by the end of the week.

I had already heard about the female candy but not the male.  The on-screen son of Jeff Bridges was quite cute although a little too young for me.  Garrett Hedlund is undeniably cute and if pressed I would have to say, yes I would.

Also I would like to add that there are a couple of girls in there I would like to get my best strap-on’s out for, that would be Olivia Wilde and Serinda Swan.  Don’t tell them.  😉