Captive And Captivating

By | May 5, 2008

Richard eased Mary onto her back. She tried to guide his hand downwards, towards her yearning sex, but he resisted. With one hand he stroked her hair, the other arm still held her, protectively.

Mary needed both sided of this man, the carnal and the protective. Richard understood that at this point it was impossible to tell which she needed the most. Her life was in the process of being turned upside down and yet her need for him, no her need for any man, seemed destined to prevail over the confusion she must be feeling.

So for a moment he hesitated, denying himself the tempting fruit laid before him. A woman, almost virginal, thirsting for him. To quench her sexual thirst was what they both wanted, but was it the right thing to do? Like Phineus seated at his table, his conscience threatened to snatch this succulent meal away from him.

The look of need on her face consigned the Harpies to the darkest corners of his consciousness.

He slowly unbuttoned her blouse, sliding his hand under her breast and into the small of her back. His fingers traced the line of her vertebra up to the top of her scapulas and down again. Mary felt the hairs on the back of her neck rise, she shivered, her head rolling back, a sigh escaping from her lips.

Her hand slid under his T-Shirt, exploring the strange terrain of a male form. So long since she had slept with a man, she thought to herself. Except that is in her dreams. This was like sleeping with a third sex, another sub-species of human. He was so totally different to her first and yet the bulge that threatened to rip open the seams in his jeans told her he was so very much the same.

They rolled apart as if prompted by an unspoken cue to allow one to help the other out of their clothes. Her blouse, his T-shirt, her skirt, his jeans, his boxers, her briefs. They alternated one garment at a time until they stood before each other naked.

The neatly trimmed hair of Mary’s pussy glistened with her juices. Richard’s iron-hard cock oozed a stream of pre-cum. Mary eyed it avariciously, she had heard that men had once made their women do what she now yearned to do. To take their man’s penis in their mouths. It was the subject of much playground talk, especially as the girls approached their ascension into the Sisters of Lemnos. She had always acted as disgusted by the thought of it as all the other girl’s, it was the done thing. But she had always, secretly wondered what it would be like.

She dropped to her knees, her lips quivering touched his glans. A nervous tongue ventured out from between them drawing a drop of nectar back into the warm cavern of her mouth. The taste was like nothing she had imagined. His cock disappeared as deep into her mouth as she could take it, her tongue collecting the precious issue. Mary sucked and lapped at Richard until she was breathless. As indeed was he, breathless and aroused, almost to the point of orgasm.

Richard pushed her to the floor, urgently needing to enter her. She felt his desire in the firmness of his grip on her shoulders, the way he grabbed both her ankles and spread her legs wide until his arms were almost at full stretch. The rough concrete bit into her back through the thin blanket she lay on. His face was almost invisible, his form silhouetted by the bright array of fluorescent tubes above them as he bore down on her.

She felt his cock nuzzle the entrance to her snatch. Perhaps because her lips were so engorged with blood closing her entrance, or perhaps because of inexperience on both their parts he skidded across her lips and clitoris. The surprise abrasion of her bud made her gasp with delight, but she needed to be filled.

He drew back and tried again, this time finding her opening then pressing inward. His eyes widened as he pressed deeper, mouth forming an “O”. She watched him, enjoying his obvious arousal, adding his pleasure to her own, willing him to fuck her until she came.

Richard pulled Mary’s legs together so they rubbed on his ears. His thighs met hers with each sure, strong stroke. He pushed forward bending Mary almost double, increasing his penetration and pinning her down, his arms either side of her.

She welcomed the discomfort, the constriction, the weight of him on top of her. She felt an orgasm unlike any woman had given her building inside her. She was almost there, almost. Then she felt him cumming, and so did she, the pulsing twitching grinding orgasm that no woman could have ever imitated. Richard released a sub-human groan and pinned her to the floor with a final thrust. His cock was clamped hard by her shattering climax, the climax that she had dreamt of since her first.


Penelope disembarked the Presidential train and smiled politely at the Vice President waiting on the platform. The President’s short skirt showed off her perfect legs beautifully. As a cool gust of wind whistled down the station concourse it cooled her exposed pussy still wet from her encounter with Sarah.

Penelope smiled.