Lovely Lady Latex

By | January 5, 2011

I don’t know who it was who first decided to put a human body in the sort of kinky latex gear than hugs the body so well and emphasises every curve but I have to say thank you to them. It’s so kinky, so sexy, so … I think I’ll have to lay down for a minute LOL.

Nor can I remember when I started to enjoy looking at lovely ladies in aforementioned latex clothing. It certainly wasn’t when I first noticed ladies. Then I was happy with a naked body, or some sexy underwear and over time my tastes developed, became wider and yet at the same time more discerning.

As your sexual and erotic preferences develop you soon begin to develop a sense of your sexual self. It’s the way in which you fit into the world of sex, sexuality and includes your tastes in the erotic arts.

At the moment latex is at a bit of a zenith so don’t be surprised if I bang on about shiny latex clothing for a while …