Fucked Against The Glass

By | January 6, 2011

AlexSuzeRain ran down the glass wall of their penthouse, catching the lights of the city around them. Each rivulet sparkled like a rainbow isotope of mercury as it flowed down the smooth silica.

“Did you get the all shopping?” he called through to the kitchen.

“Yes, I don’t have to go out again for a week or so.” She replied.

“I’m going to call in and say I’m going to work from home this week. I’ll tell them the car is playing up and we’re waiting for it to be fixed.”

“Won’t they tell you to take the train?”

“Not after last time.” He still winced at the thought of it. There had been a scuffle, then a sharp pain in his temple. A moment later a dull thud in his side that at first felt like a punch to his ribs but developed into a burning white inferno of pain as the four inch blade was removed and the thugs left him bleeding on the carriage floor. His fingers absently stroked the raised scar tissue.

She came into the bedroom wearing only her silk French knickers, pink with lace trim. “Sounds like we’ll be having fun then.”

“I have work to do.” He protested. ” I can’t spend the week fucking you, no matter how much that appeals.”

She placed the two glasses of red wine she was carrying on her bedside cabinet and pushed him gently back onto the bed. He was already naked except for a white T-shirt, his cock lolled turgid and growing on his thigh.

She straddled him and lowered her tits onto his face. She offered him a nipple, which he took into his mouth and sucked gently. His tongue stroked and teased the now hard nipple, flicking the tip and stroking the areola. He gently bit her, a little pinch that solicited and appreciative “hmmmmmm”.

Another nipple replaced the first. She pressed it against his face, smothering him a little and was rewarded by a sharp nip from his teeth. “Ow, you bastard.” She scolded with a smile.

Her thigh slid across him, and finding his cock trapped by her soft skin she paused. “Care to make use of that?” She asked.

“I dare say I could think of something we’d both enjoy.” He pushed her off him and rolled to the edge of the bed. He held out his hand, she placed hers in his and allowed herself to be led to the glass wall. She stood facing him with her back to the glass. “Take them off” he instructed.

She bent forward, pushing her knickers down over her hips and bringing her mouth close to his cock. She paused, blowing on his tip already glistening with precum. She considered taking him into her mouth but decided to save that for later.

He pushed her back against the glass, her buttocks spread on the cool, smooth surface. She put her arms around his neck as his hot hard cock was wedged between them, sticking into her stomach.

His hands grabbed her behind the thighs and lifted her up before pressing her back against the glass. She felt him swing his hips towards her, his cock sought out the path to her sex, pushing into her soft, hot hole, invading her in the way that she loved. A little adjustment and she was full of his cock and he began to push in and out of her.

She felt constricted, awkward, but alive and so very sexy. She wondered if a police helicopter might pass by and spot her white flesh pressed against the glass while he fucked her pussy. She rested her lips on his neck and what began with a kiss turned into first sucking then nibbling and biting as the passion took them both over.

She shuddered with an orgasm that sent droplets of fluid from within her spraying onto the black tiled floor. Her nails bit into his back and her thighs clasped him tight. He continued to glide deep into her wet pussy, soon feeling her tense again and letting his own orgasm bloom and explode this time. With sweat glistening on his forehead he grunted four final strokes of sticky white ecstasy into her quivering body before becoming still.

They were frozen motionless for a minute or so until his legs told him that he should rest and they lay on the bed.


Outside in the street fifty stories below the police fired their last tear gas of the night into the dispersing crowd of food rioters before returning to their fortified barracks and left the streets to the care of the drug gangs.

In the distance the sound of artillery pounding targets on the far side of the channel rolled through the air, like distant thunder softened by the miles.