She`s Insatiable – Part 1

By | January 6, 2011

Basque PoutDanielle lay in bed the cotton sheet pulled up to her chin and waited. She could here Justin’s bare feet on the bathroom tiles as he towelled himself down. Then he was padding across the carpet towards the bed. She opened her eyes.

His cock hung heavy in front of his muscular legs, the two ripe plumbs of his balls in their soft sack nestled behind its base, already tightening. His intent was clear, she smiled. He pulled back the sheet to get in beside her.

“Oh, that’s naughty.” He laughed.

She was wearing a dark red basque. He knew she would have on the accompanying satin panties and if he was in luck red fishnets. He tugged the sheet down. Not only were there fishnets on her legs but some new patent high heels in cherry red.

“Very naughty.” She said.

He lay beside her and began to kiss her on the lips, the feeling of her underwear on his chest and her stockings on his legs as she curled a leg over him making his breathing become faster with excitement. He felt her hand grab his cock, gently stroking it as it swelled with blood.

Her mouth opened inviting his tongue inside and there they stayed for a while kissing with his erection gripped in her hand. His hips ground against her and hers against his, pushing her pussy onto his leg. It was tingling now, she wanted him inside her but fought the urge to pull aside her panties and demand he push himself deep into her.

His arms were around her, muscular and protective yet demanding at the same time. She could feel his hands stroking her hair, her back and grabbing her ass. His strength was controlled, in check, they both knew he could rip the flimsy garments that covered her flesh into shreds, pin her to the bed and fuck her. That though excited her and that excitement mingled in a complex cocktail of emotions with the knowledge that this gentle, powerful, considerate and passionate lover would never do that. Unless she asked him to.

They rolled apart, chests heaving. She took the opportunity to kneel up in bed. He started to raise his torso to join her and begin kissing again but she pushed him onto his back. She looked down at his cock, now laying on his chest. The naked balls, pink and tight in their soft little pouch, all freshly shaved and begging to be licked.

Danielle leant forward and played her tongue on them, circling each or, teasing them, prodding them and finally sucking each into her mouth. First one then the other was gently engulfed and caressed in the moist cavern, back and fort he went until she became aware of Justin’s hand rubbing her pussy through the dampness of her panties. The material was clinging to her own shaved mound and she wiled him to push them aside, wiggling her hips provocatively.

Justin hooked his fingers inside the satin and tugged it free of skin. His fingers gently slid along her slit becoming wet with her juices before two of them slid into her snatch. Justin moved his digits slowly, unable to reach her G-Spot because of the angle but making his presence felt penetrating her in the best way he could until she had finished toying with his cock.

She had begun to lick his shaft now. It was broad and long, slightly veined, pulsing with life. She lapped at his frenulum sending shivers that travelled to the root of his member and then radiated out across his body to his extremities. Taking his shaft in one hand she slid the skin back to display his glans. They were covered in clear precum, a divine nectar which she indulged herself in, sucking and licking him free of it.

Her hand began slowly wanking him, encouraging more fluid to ooze from his tip, licking each drop into her mouth the moment it appeared. He was jamming his fingers into her now desperate to fill her up. His hips bucked and she smiled inwardly at the power to excite she wielded over him.

He started to taste a little salty, the drops of fluid emanating from him betraying the distinctive taste of semen. She considered a mouth full of salty cum but wanted to feel her pussy awash with it. She lifted herself up and sat astride him, just below his cock. His hands reached down to her thighs, stroking her stockings. He raised an eyebrow.

She looked him in the eye, slowly peeling down the straps of the basque, easing the cups down to reveal her breasts with their erect, dark nipples. Justin slid his hands up her sides and onto the firm but yielding mounds. Danielle slid forward and pulled her panties to the side. Her swollen labia engulfed him and with a rolling motion he slipped inside her. She sat back and felt the familiar fullness against the walls of her vagina, sliding deeper and deeper until she had taken possession of his cock completely.

Danielle rocked slowly back and forth on the throbbing shaft on which she had impaled herself. Justin’s face was a picture. His eyes had closed, mouth open slightly and head thrown back. His hands grasped at her breasts with an increasing lack of coordination or direction. He was close to cumming. She held off the moment as long as she could yet knew he was on the edge and soon gave in to the inevitable.

She began to raise herself up and down, riding her stallion, a cowgirl in total charge of her mount. He bucked up against her meeting her downward movements, their groins clashing together. Juices ran from her pussy, at first they had been merely a copious stream of excited outpourings, now she began to gush, squirting a stream of hot ejaculate over him. It ran over his stomach and trickled down between his cheeks creating a damp puddle on the bedclothes.

Justin groaned, a massive wave of contractions gripped his balls like a great hand squeezing the semen from them. The wave rolled out of him and along his cock. He grabbed her waist and slammed her down hard so they were inextricably joined. She had already felt the change in him and came, not with the euphoric release that accompanied her ejaculation but with the golden glowing ecstasy of an orgasm that made her nipples tingle and asshole twitch.

She flopped forward onto his chest.

They woke an hour later to find Justin’s stomach covered in the cum oozing from her pussy.