She`s Insatiable – Part 2

By | January 7, 2011

Fuck Me EyesThe morning dawned bright and fresh. Being a Saturday Justin went out first thing to pick up fresh coffee and doughnuts from the shop that had opened a few doors away from the apartment. The Saturday treat.

He returned with two lattes and a box of sticky delights. Danielle sat on the bed in her silk robe and waited for him to appear. He sat on the bed, placing the coffees on the bedside table and opened the box. Danielle watched his eyes studying the outline of her perky breasts through the shiny fabric of the robe. She dropped a shoulder and slid further onto the bed causing the garment to open up and fall from one shoulder. Her right breast was now exposed. She felt like she had exposed herself to an unsuspecting voyeur.

He was transfixed by the shape of her breast. “That got his attention”, she thought. Danielle reached forward and stroked his jeans. The bulge of his cock was prominent even when he was flaccid so aroused as he was becoming it was unmistakeable.

“You feeling playful this morning?” She asked, licking her lips provocatively.

“Mmm” He replied.

She slid off the bed and placed herself between his knees. A gentle push to the chest told him he should lay back which allowed her to unfasten his trousers and tug them from his legs. His tight white briefs bulged dangerously, stretched by the restless mass of his hard penis trapped inside. She pulled the waistband down and let it rest under his scrotum before grabbing him firmly in her hand.

“I haven’t got time to play for long this morning. I need to go to gym but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves” She explained.

Her hand skilfully pumped his cock, the side of her thumb rubbing his frenulum . Every few strokes she would stop the rhythmic stroking and rub the wet end of his prick with her fingers to enjoy the sweet viscosity of the oozing precum on his sensitive tip.

“I’m going to cum!” he warned her.

“I want you to cum. You can return the favour later.”

She changed her grip to a ring created by her thumb and index finger. Her mouth enclosed the tip of his cock and she started to suck while flicking his frenulum with her tongue. His excitement reached a fever pitch and it was only her steadying hand on his upper thigh that prevented the sudden thrusting of his thighs from ramming his cock deep into her throat.

“Ooooh, oh , aarrgh!” he groaned and came across her tongue.

She felt the first jet of semen, then another and a third. Her mouth felt as if it were filing with his sticky white essence. Still he came until just as she thought she would have to swallow the mass of hot liquid on her tongue he was sated. And she released him.

She sat back on her haunches and waited for him to move. After a minute or so he propped himself up on his elbows. “Wow, that was amazing. Did you enjoy it?”

She opened her mouth a little letting his semen trickled over her lips and chin dripping in glutinous strings onto her breasts. His jaw dropped.

She got to her feet. “See you at lunch.” She said and walked slowly to the bathroom knowing he would be watching her swaying hips all the way across the bedroom floor.