A New Naughty Place To Visit

By | May 5, 2008

Sex Toys BuzzYou regular readers out there will already have been reading our sex toy reviews for the last 3 years that we have been bringing them to you. This site has always been protected from over commercialisation because we wanted it to be an intimate place for you all to visit, so therefore we restricted the number of sponsors and advertisements displayed here.

Once reviews have been posted on AlexSuze you can always go and read them again over at our review site which is here, if you haven’t already been over to catch up on what we have been up to. 😉

Being so restrictive on our sponsors and advertising has limited what we are able to deliver here and we have had to turn down offers from other sources to enable us to stay small and friendly.

This demand in part has brought about our latest venture a brand new Alex & Suze site with unrestricted reviews, we will be reviewing products from all corners of the globe and writing up the dirty details for you to read.

Sex Toys BuzzHere is the new site for you to take a look at and if you like it over there you may want to take one of these lovely buttons and spread the word. 😉 Just copy this code into your blog’s template:

As always if you have any suggestions about the new site or what you would love to see over there just drop us a line and we will endeavour to bring it to you. We always encourage participation from our readers because you are all important to us.

Watch this space, I think this year could be a very busy, interesting and tiring one…but I know we are going to enjoy the journey together.

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