Clit Flicking Fuck

By | January 7, 2011

Sex On The CouchAs a rule I don’t tend to use either toys or my fingers on my clitoris while I’m being fucked this comes from several painful moments Alex has endured over the years.

I have succeeded in removing a layer of skin of his hard cock in the past as my nail ripped in to his turgid flesh.  Not a pleasant experience and a bit of a quick come down from the euphoric state of arousal.

I’ve also tried using small toys, which sometimes work depending on the level of manipulation required for them to be effective.  But overall I tend not to play with myself too often and I always keep my nails short, not just for playtime but for the practicality of my touch typing which goes up the creek with nails.  If ever you meet me note the shorter length of my frigging finger.  😉

But the other night as I lay with my legs wrapped around Alex’s waist I felt so horny I couldn’t stop myself from wanting to accompany his full on filling thrusts with a little clitoral stimulation.  I licked my finger, liberally coating it in my saliva and pushed it between my slimy lips.  I was so wet I needn’t have slicked up my finger.

My clit felt puffy and firm and reacted immediately to my touch.  I could feel it pulsing with my lifeblood as Alex fucked away.  His angle pure perfection as the tip of his cock massaged my g-spot.  My toes were now starting to tingle, then my fingers a prelude to my inevitable orgasm.

I felt my skin flush with the tell tale promise of orgasm, my breathing rapid and shallow, small droplets of sweat on my brow.  A slight elevation of temperature heralding the inevitable bliss of release.  Alex’s cock was such a perfect fit, stretching my pussy whilst retaining contact with that small bundle of nerves which bring such pleasure.

A change of movement from circular manipulation to side to side on my swollen bud was all it took.  I felt the spasm of orgasm grip me as I pushed my ass in to the mattress, tilting my hips and applying a vice like grip on Alex’s cock as I came under him.

Alex watching me writhe beneath him calling out “I’m coming” pushed him over the edge and with a protracted grunt and a slow deliberate thrust started to come.  Another slow push inside me followed as he started to fill my hot cunt with his seed.  This was swiftly followed by three quick stabs in to my pussy as he drained the last of his tight balls inside me.

Moments later he collapsed by my side and I leaned in to kiss him gently on the lips.  He was spent and I was sated…

…for now.