May Means Masturbation

By | May 6, 2008

In the middle of April I highlighted a world event we can all do our bit for. And I almost missed out on it, just today I remembered that May is Masturbation Month. If you didn’t catch my earlier post you can read it here. So, remember you have a full 20 days of practice left until the main event on Sunday 25th May. Lol

I said I would be doing my bit and this morning as soon as I remembered I reached over to my bedside drawer and found amongst my panties my favourite clit vibe. This little gem can have you howling within minutes.

Alex was still asleep so I didn’t bother to wake him. 😉 I turned on the vibe, luckily it’s not too noisy once taken below the sheets and Alex continued to sleep laying on his side with his back to me.

The vibration wasn’t as fast as it normally is, I think the batteries are running low. Which reminds me I bet swap them over for new ones. Just wait a moment while I go and sort it out…

… I’m back, it’s working like a treat now. The vibrations are a lot more pronounced and faster.

Where was I? Oh yes, I opened my pussy lips with my left hand and placed the cup of the vibe over my clitoris. This made me twitch as it hit the spot. I crossed my ankles, squoze my buttocks tight and began to run the vibe from side to side over my swollen pink nub.

I was starting to respond to the vibe and changed the movement to an up and down one, rolling my hood back gently with each upward stroke. The electrical impulses running through my groin and down to my feet were increasing in intensity and I closed my eyes to enjoy the full effect of its rapture.

Within moments I could feel my orgasm building deep within me and my breathing became deep and heavy. I pushed my right foot hard against the top of my left and gripped my buttocks tight as it rolled over me like a hot wave of emotions.

At that point I must have let out a telltale moan and I heard in the distance Alex stirring from his slumber. I wasn’t totally aware still gripped by my embracing orgasm. Pressing the switch I removed the vibe from my sensitised clit and lay it down on the mattress as I bathed in the after glow.

I felt a tender kiss on my right cheek and a hand on my right arm and what was that touching my right leg! 😉

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