She`s Insatiable – Part 4

By | January 8, 2011

Wet BreastDanielle knew Justin was behind her and Ben in front, she could feel his hands on her breasts, more hesitant than Justin’s. That had been how she had first realised something was amiss when they had begun to share her without her knowledge. She had soon realised the deception. The occasional slip-up had sealed the deal. A comment made to one brother that the other had not “remembered” in a subsequent encounter. Soon she had realised that she had two different lovers and that she might fulfil her fantasy …

She allowed herself to lose track of the hands and the hot turgid cocks that were first touching and then grinding against the skin of her thighs.  Next hands guided her to the sofa and laid her down. Her breasts were attended to by an eager and inventive mouth. The delicate licking by an agile tongue interspersed with sucking and nibbling sent electric pulses across her skin.

Her legs were parted and another mouth went to work on her pussy. Her lust was already causing a stream of glistening juice to run from her sex filling all three of their nostrils with the scent of a woman possessed with desire. The tongue between her legs probed everywhere. It began by immediately penetrating her vagina, circling the entrance and tasting her deepest essence. Instead of lapping at her its owner instead probed between her buttocks and found her anus already slick with her fluids. Her puckered opening was probed and she found herself tensing instinctively to prevent its intrusion. Relaxing the tongue was pressed deeper and while it snaked inside her musky hole she wished it was bigger and probing deeper. She wanted a cock inside her and to feel the release as one of her lovers came in her ass. She realised that she didn’t care which one it was who took her anal virginity and that excited her even more. This was her moment, her pleasure.

Danielle reached out and found the erect cock of her breast attendant. It was dribbling and from inside her silk blindfold she imagined its head to be purple and shiny, veins throbbing along the shaft. Grasping it firmly she stroked the thick member to encourage its owner in his stimulation of her nipples. “Harder, harder, suck harder.” She commanded.

For a while this was enough, both of them pleasuring her but she needed to be filled. Pushing them away she rolled onto the floor in front of the coffee table. “Fuck ME” were the only two words that were needed. They did.

On all fours she lifted her head and opened her mouth in expectation. In a moment she felt a cock slick with delicious precum slipping past her lips. It filled her mouth almost completely so that her tongue was pressed against its underside and hardly able to welcome the throbbing intruder.

Concentrating on the cock in her mouth she was unaware of the twin behind her until his penis pressed against her swollen pussy lips. He pushed deep inside her in one thrust which left his balls sandwiched between her buttocks and his thighs. She so wanted to feel her ass full of him but not wanting the ecstasy to stop she enjoyed the pleasure of his huge cock in her pussy.  She was even more delighted when he found the sight of her ass glistening with pussy juices too much to resist and pressed his thumb against the opening. He rubbed slowly round her ass while sliding in and out of her until he felt her open slightly then pushed his thumb in and out of her working the lubrication inside. Her fluids were not enough and she heard him spit. It landed in the valley between her buttocks and with this extra assistance was able to push his thumb deep inside her.

Danielle rocked against the two brothers. One moment she was choking on the cock in her mouth, the next wondering if her pussy would stretch to take the rock hard penis inside it. Her ass gripped the thumb which now began to fuck her ass and without warning an orgasm shook her that left her shaking.

Strong hands held her shoulders and hips stopping her from falling to the floor and continued to fuck her limp body until she regained her composure a few minutes later. It was then that she felt the cock in her mouth swell and the hips of its owner begin to thrust without the control that had maintained the short in and out strokes across her tongue. He was cumming and lost control, ramming himself down her throat she opened her mouth wide and tried to take him into her throat but it was impossible, he was just too big. She rocked back hard onto the other brother’s cock and felt the first spurt of semen on her tongue. His cock left her mouth and cum splashed across her cheek, then lips, then chin.

The cock rammed hard into her pussy twitched and pulsed. The brother attached to it groaned, almost growled and pulled her down onto him as he emptied himself inside her. She felt the quake of a dizzying, electric orgasm deprive her of her senses and slid forward onto the soft carpet.