Post Christmas Update

By | December 30, 2006

Alex and I didn’t intend to buy each other a Christmas present this year due to me being out of work but…We were passing our favourite Adult Store and just couldn’t resist a quick look inside.

It’s months since we visited for fear of spending money that we just don’t have at the moment.  However today got the better of us.  🙂  I couldn’t believe it they had the same staff as last time we visited and what’s more they recognised us and asked if we had a good Christmas!  Nothing like the personal touch.  Lol  *thought…maybe I could get a job there…but would I end up spending all my salary in the store?  Hmmm…*

So we hurriedly did the shopping we originally set out to buy and then made our way home.  We were both excited about the prospect of watching some new porn, it’s ages since we had any new DVD’s to watch.

Alex passed me the shopping from the bags and I put it away.  Very organised and hurriedly we got everything unpacked.  I tried to grab the discreet packaging (floral paper bag) containing the new PORN but Alex grabbed it first.  He then ran up the hallway and up the stairs with me in hot pursuit.

Giggling like a couple of school kids we arrived at the bedroom and he turned on the DVD whilst I went to close the bedroom curtains.  Then I noticed the light on in next door’s bedroom, the one adjacent to ours.  FUCK!  How could we have a decadent and horny afternoon watching porn with the next door neighbour listening to every groan, moan and thrust…

So as I write this just imagine my frustration as I hit the keys on this keyboard in a rather pissed off fashion.  Of course I will update you on all the interesting and dirty bits later but you will just have to wait just like us…


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