Ooooh! The Sex In Tron Legacy

By | January 8, 2011

Tron Legacy Vintage Light CycleI spotted this when I first saw one of the trailers for the Tron Legacy film. Seeing the film again a few days ago reminded me of the striking similarity between the Vintage light cycle from the first film that appears as “Flyn’s” Light Cycle in Tron Legacy and the Cobra Libre Male Masturbator that I reviewed over on

You can read the Cobra Libre review here.

Fun Factory Cobra LibreAs for Tron Legacy it was very enjoyable. However thinking about it the film does have a problem. No, not the sex toy look-alike Light Cycle but the fact that it’s a bit too tame to keep the attention of older audiences (except those like me who were fans of the original) and not quite kid friendly enough for the younger audience. Pity because raising the certificate and making it darker would have made it a better film.