Hot And Sticky Girl On Girl

By | January 8, 2011

Grey Gym SlimI vowed to make a return to gym after the holidays and being MIA for about 3 weeks over the break.  Sickness permitting I will be able to keep this up without disruption, as over the past few months I’ve had every bug going round.

You will know if you regularly read my updates, I used to see a gorgeous busty babe at the gym when I paid my normal morning visits.  She has been absent for a while now, not sure if she switched gym’s but she hasn’t been seen for months.

When I arrived the first morning back the gym was dramatically busy.  On the run up to Christmas the number of people going had dropped right off but in contrast today it was heaving.  No doubt full of people who made that New Year’s resolution to get fit in 2011.

Most of the new people were elderly but there were a couple of young girls, one of whom caught my attention.  She was a curvy brunette with hair almost down to her waist.  As I sat on the rowing machine she came in to my peripheral vision as she sat astride a piece of equipment.

I turned to look and was immediately attracted to her, so much so that I became aware that I was now staring and I turned away so I didn’t attract attention.  My mornings rowing somehow became easier after that as I sat conjuring up all sorts of naughtiness in my head.  😉

There are so many toys I would like to introduce her to.  Hope she’s there on my next visit.  I’m such a slut.  lol