Old Fuck Different Story?

By | May 6, 2008

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the dangers of meeting up with old friends. If you didn’t catch the post here it is.

Again Friends Reunited (FR) were to blame for this or maybe it turned out ok. I am writing this post before being appraised on the latest detail of the meeting so bear with me.

To fill you all in, I may also have alluded to this in previous posts…Busty has been contacted via FR by an old flame. He was a guy 10 years her senior who went out with a 14 year old girl. Need I say more!

Their relationship was a controlling one, he liked to keep her down at heel and criticise her to the point that she had no self esteem and self worth. He even spat in her face once, she admitted to me. This relationship was obviously one which boosted his self esteem and obviously relied on keeping her close by making her feel that she was worth jack-shit.

As she was telling me about her past with this guy who we will call Eric for the purpose of this post, I felt myself becoming repulsed by him. Yet, here she was considering meeting up with him. And I care about her, I care a lot…but you already know that if you read regularly.

Over the past couple of weeks he has texted, emailed and phoned Busty on a regular basis. I felt it to be more like grooming but I already have a negative attitude to this manipulative bastard. Excuse me…I feel so strongly about this she is such a sweet girl. He even told her that pink wasn’t her colour and she should not wear it. It doesn’t get more controlling than this.

Well, it finally worked. The texts, pics of his body tattoos and his sweet talk all worked. She agreed to meet up with him this weekend. This despite the fact that he had tried to pull her down about her accent being different now that she moved further up north. What a twat, still trying to make her feel small.

As I write this I wonder what the story will be when I return after the bank holiday to work once more. Will she lie to make it all sound perfect or will she be honest about the whole thing? Also, did she fuck him?

He is now married to an eastern block bride with little language skills. Does this sound familiar?

Busty I’m besotted by you…