Fuck Or Fuck Up

By | May 7, 2008

Well Busty met up with him. She updated me on her bank holiday tryst today, the first day back at work.

The first thing she revealed was that she didn’t fancy him. She said he hadn’t aged very gracefully but given that he was 10 years her senior he would look considerably older than her.

As she told me the full story I must admit to disliking him intensely, I suppose it’s easy to see things clearly when you have no emotional attachment. But this guy came across just as I imagined he was from the snippets of conversation we have had about him.

It seem that time has not changed Eric one bit.

I think that Busty was hoping for a bit of a fling, perhaps a bit of the romance she didn’t seem to have had with him the first time round. After all this guy was such a control freak in the past she was holding a glimmer of hope that he would have grown and changed. The thing is, he was already shaped, moulded in to his persona when she was with him before.

He was 30 for heavens sake, his personality was already well formed…hers wasn’t. Busty was still young, gullible, impressionable and naïve. Just the way he likes them. This is not a throw-away statement. Eric married a young Eastern European woman with children to another man. She was ideal for him; Needy, young, wanting security and a chance in life.

And that is exactly what I believe he preyed upon. He admitted to Busty that he didn’t speak much to her and they led more or less separate lives. Also that he didn’t love her.

At this point I was ready for her revealing that they had spent the night in bed together, him being a misunderstood man. I was rather relieved to hear that she didn’t fancy him. For some reason I feel very protective towards her and I could see just what this man was.

He apparently insulted her taste in kitchen fittings and made derogatory remarks about other aspects of her home. Still had to have that dig at her to make her feel small and inferior. He also wanted to talk about nothing but himself. Not a very attractive trait.

In fact the more she told me the more I was assured that my first impressions were right about him, he hadn’t changed if anything he had become worse. Sad really. He even admitted to her that he was a little thrown by the fact that she seemed to be so self assured and confident when he met up with her. Now, that doesn’t sound good…especially when he said that he felt slightly threatened by it.

She said they had a pleasant night out and a lovely meal but she didn’t kiss him and there was no sex although he alluded to it several times and she said he was certainly under the impression that he could be in with a chance.

I’m glad she didn’t fuck him and has now got closure on this. He gave no apologies for his behaviour all those years ago but I think that just goes to confirm the fact that he is still a controlling arsehole even after all these years and she missed out on nothing.

In fact I feel empathy for his poor wife who is in a loveless marriage of control and domination.

Busty you are well rid of this man and I will always be here for you. 😉