Sexy Whatever Your Sex

By | January 10, 2011

One of the thoughts that occasionally crosses my mind is to wonder what it would be like to experience being a woman for a day. In a similar way to that which Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsey Lohan swap places as mother and daughter in Freaky Friday, swapping places with Suze would be so very interesting and educational.

Experiencing the physical differences, the way in which the other gender’s body reacts to physical and emotional stimulus would be a real eye-opener. But one thing that only just occurred to me is that the physical experience is only half the story. While knowing what it’s like to inhabit the body of the opposite gender the true gender swapping experience is only possible if you take on at least some of the personality of the person with whom you swap, and then you would be experiencing it as them not you.

Ironically Jamie Lee Curtis is an interesting individual to bring up in this context. Rumours have circulated for years that she was born hermaphrodite and like all urban legends this refuses to disappear despite an Internet search I just did returning far fewer pages mentioning this particular piece of misinformation than it did a year or so ago when I first heard the story.

I say misinformation because while JLC can look a bit androgynous it has all the hallmarks of one of those well known “facts” that are complete rubbish. Like the one put about by Ian Flemming in Gold Finger about being able to suffocate someone by painting them in (gold) body paint. Apparently Mr Flemming’s books are peppered with such tosh, much of which has found its way into popular mythology.