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By | May 8, 2008

If you accept the necessity for porn and that in doing so you recognise those involved in it as “just doing a job” then a few other things follow.

If you’re involved in porn on the technical side, you can just look on each shoot as just another job. OK so the subjects are naked most of the time and involved in sexual acts at least part of the time. But a job is a job and artists have been dealing with nude subjects for millennia so the preparation for and recording of a particular shoot/scene is not something that’s so different from shooting a commercial or any other magazine spread.

Appearing in a scene is another matter. There seem to be grades of involvement and levels of acceptability. It’s always been that way. I’ve heard Lilly Langtry described as “professional beauty”, today we’d say artists model. She was sketched, drawn and painted thousands of times. She was so well know that late Victorian society regarding taking tea with her on a par with having diner with David and Victoria Beckham today. Even as she circulated with the great and the good (well they regarded themselves as good) she was the mistress of Queen Victoria’s son Albert Edward Prince of Wales (later Edward VII).

How acceptable was she when this became public? Well by all accounts while it may have caused ripples, it didn’t cause waves and I like to think it might have made her even more popular as a guest for tea and crumpets.

Back to where I started though, porn. Being a porn actor or actress has a certain amount of baggage that comes with it. As usual for the males involved in porn I think it’s more of an overnight bag but the women get a whole steamer trunk of problems.

What I’m talking about is life outside and after your career. Every woman in porn is someone’s daughter and often sibling. In most countries in the world there is nothing illegal about acting in a porn movie, but socially it’s not something you shout about. I can’t see most women running home to tell their parents they have a job being filmed having sex with strangers.

So why is it that now it seems almost normal for women to want to become glamour (topless) models? We watched a documentary last week that featured a girl whose mother and step father were fully supportive of her in her intentions to go topless in the national newspapers.

If it were your daughter (or son for that matter) when would you draw the line? Topless, full body nude? Legs akimbo? Toys? Full sex?

Then of course there’s the question that any porn star may one day have to answer – Mom/Dad, what did you do when you were in the movies?

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